A Unique Market Opportunity

Generating growth from Solar energy projects using Intelligent ESG.

Westbridge Energy is a renewable energy company focused on originating and profitably exiting utility-scale Solar PV projects that use energy storage and enabling technologies (Intelligent ESG). Our proven approach provides early-stage, risk-adjusted access to high-return clean energy projects in a manner previously inaccessible to small cap investors.

Exponential Growth

Exponential Growth Opportunity in Renewable Energy and Battery Storage market

Clear Business Model

Geared to deliver exceptional risk adjusted returns from the development and sale of “shovel ready” renewable projects.

Experienced Global Team

With strong track records of delivering outstanding solar developments and exit multiples.

Investment Profile

40+ projects developed by the team, with capacity in excess of 2GW

Deep knowledge and strong record in Europe, Canada and the USA

Outperformed competitors with 100% successful exits

Average money multiple of more than 7x

2 Alberta Exits in 2021



Greenfield solar utility development with speed to market potential.

Our proven CapEx-light model identifies locations with high solar irradiance within supportive regulatory environments, then develops best-in-class Solar PV projects, employing on-site energy storage and enabling technologies (what we call Intelligent ESG). We originate and sell projects at a profit, attracting institutional and corporate buyers at or before the shovel-ready stage. Westbridge Energy is developing a portfolio of greenfield solar projects, giving ESG-minded investors risk-adjusted returns with the liquidity of a public listing.


What Do We Mean By Intelligent ESG?

Solar + Battery

  • Battery storage allows solar sites to maximize revenue by storing excess energy and selling when demand and prices are high.
  • Battery prices have declined by 87% since 2010.

Solar + Hydrogen

  • Hydrogen is an energy carrier that can be generated from solar (green hydrogen) and enables seasonal energy storage and demand-side flexibility.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) + Grid Optimization

  • AI software optimizes services to grid operators, balancing solar, battery and hydrogen based on demand and price

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Westbridge Energy Corporation

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