Westbridge Projects

The Georgetown Project

Westbridge Energy’s Georgetown Solar Project presents an excellent example of our business model in action, showcasing the value of intelligently matching a development location with Solar PV power generation, on-site battery storage and interconnection agreements with grid operators. 


  • Fully-funded development to be completed within 18 months
  • One of the larger utility-scale solar projects under development in Alberta
  • AESO interconnection process underway
  • Utility-scale solar project that will be the first exit as Westbridge Energy Corp.
  • To be permitted for utility-scale battery storage on-site
  • Site secured for 5-years of development and 30 years of operation, with options to extend
  • Will deliver clean electricity to approximately 29,000 homes
  • Will create around 360 construction jobs, positively impacting the community

Alberta, Canada

The Georgetown Project

Installed Capacity: 278MWp

Status: Under Development

Location: Alberta, Canada

Texas, USA

Accalia Point Solar

Installed Capacity: 221MWp

Status: Under Development

Location: Texas, USA

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